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eFolio 1.1 Windows and Doors

the monochrome project

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Windows and Doors

about eFolios


Watching Photographer friends who were working on projects involving groups or collections of photographs, I was struck by these great sets of images which had been created with care, passion and patience but yet were struggling for a way to see the light of day and find a wider audience. My friends had worked hard to create and refine their projects but seemed to have devoted little time and effort to considering how they might get the finished article in front of an audience.


I love prints and a finished set of prints is a great way to appreciate a body of images intended to be seen together and in relation to one and other, however, unless you are a renowned Photographer whose name is widely known, it is very unlikely you will find the opportunity to show your cherished set of prints outside a close circle of friends and fellow Photographers. Of course, today we have Instagram, FLICKR, 500px and countless other “social media” platforms which allow us to share our images with the world. A multi-image project, however, needs its own identity, it needs to stand alone as its own artefact in a way which is just not possible in a simple on-line gallery.


As a means of sharing my project work (distinct from individual images), I wanted to create something which could stand alone to tell its own story, something which would retain the feeling of a collected and curated body of work and would be capable of being distributed widely at a low cost (both to me and my potential audience). The idea of a Portfolio in PDF form seemed to suit my requirements and is a medium that has already been used successfully by other Photographers. PDF publication was new to me but after some experimentation, I have been able to create something which meets my requirements. eFolios let me publish my personal projects each as self-contained units with their own identity which can be easily shared with a wide audience, one vastly larger than that for any gallery exhibition and, I hope, in a way which is interesting for my viewers.


As I have worked to research, execute, edit and finalise my own work it has become evident to me that personal projects are not always something that can be wrapped up, tied in a bow and labelled as ‘finished’. Often they can be a work in progress without a defined endpoint, whether in terms of time or coverage of subject matter. With that in mind, each eFolio I publish will have a version number in order that they can be updated as and when the project develops, so keep an eye out for updated versions of eFolios you may have previously downloaded.


Please feel free to share my eFolios with friends and other Photographers, all I ask is that you suggest they check out this website for themselves and hopefully they will find more content that might interest them here.

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